Equality and Diversity

Corporate Equalities Strategy - Quality through equality

Management of Equalities

The structure aims to bring equalities issues into the mainstream of the County Council by providing a common standard based on quality, with which to identify and acknowledge achievements, and to plan systematically for improvement.

The remit of the Equalities Strategic Action Group (ESAG) will include equalities issues in relation to both service provision and employment. On service provision, the nature of the remit will be to provide a framework, where the responsibility for service is delegated to each department and the Chief Officer reports on that service to his or her service or line committee.

On employment, ESAG's role is more direct; working with chief officers and members within the framework of management to ensure good and consistent practice in employment.

ESAG will ensure that the County Council takes a strategic and coherent approach to equalities issues. This approach is essential to the effective management of County Council services and forms part of the management of its performance as a whole. It relates to the Best Value approach to public services and concurs with the Department of Environment, Transport and Regions [DETR] Corporate Health Best Value Performance Indicators.

Departmental Equalities Working Group/Lead Officer

The role of the Departmental Equalities Working Group or Lead Officer is to review departmental practice against the County Council Equalities Policy and assess what needs to be addressed and what action is needed. Each department will be required to respond to the policy and strategy through an achievable Action Plan - this Action Plan will reflect all equalities issues.

The Equalities Strategic Action Group will advise the Corporate Management Team and propose strategic actions for Chief Officers to respond to through their action plans.

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