Equality and Diversity

Corporate Equalities Strategy - Quality through equality

Corporate Objectives and Equalities

The principles that underpin this strategy are based on the idea that equalities issues are not `special' or `additional' but important factors in their own right if services are to be of high quality. The Corporate Strategy of the County Council and all other corporate initiatives include equalities issues which managers must take into account in the day-to-day delivery of services to the public. The key equalities issues of each aim of the Corporate Strategy are stated below.

Aim 1 - Developing the quality of life in Hampshire

Aim 2 - Stewardship of the environment

Aim 3 - Achieving economic prosperity

Aim 4 - Partnership for strong communities in Hampshire

Aim 5 - Providing high quality accessible services

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Aim 1 - Developing the quality of life in Hampshire

Corporate aims

Implement crime and disorder, and community safety strategies.

Providing high quality learning for the whole community throughout life.

Improving the health of the people of Hampshire.

Protect adults and children looked after by the County Council.

Improving access and inclusion for the whole community.

Equality implications

To promote equality it is necessary to:

  • ensure that the Council's policies, planning and implementation process, both in employment and service delivery, are inclusive and accessible;

  • reduce harassment and the fear of violence towards all vulnerable groups as part of the Crime and Disorder Act in partnership with District Councils, the police and voluntary organisations;

  • adopt strategies and actions to protect the most vulnerable in society;

  • make sure that the County Council's Education Service provides high quality learning by taking into account the diverse needs of Hampshire's communities, and does not exclude anyone.

  • develop partnerships with the health authorities and other agencies on how to address the general health and well-being of the community especially vulnerable groups;

  • ensure that children looked after by the County Council receive equal access to services (for example, education) and have equality of opportunity;

  • reduce racial harassment and bullying incidents in schools and reduce incidents of exclusion;

  • ensure that the County Council's services are accessible to all sections of the community by making information available in a range of formats.

Aim 2 - Stewardship of the environment

Corporate Aims

Safeguard irreplaceable assets and improve quality in design and landscape.

Develop sustainable strategic policies for land use and transportation.

Demonstrate best practice in the Council`s own land and property management.

Raise awareness of environmental and Agenda 21 issues.

Manage the County's waste.

Equalities Implications

To ensure equality it is necessary to:

  • ensure that the design and landscape work of the County Council takes into account the needs of disabled people as well as the safety of women and other vulnerable groups;

  • promote best practice in access to County Council buildings and facilities, and in the design and improvement of the road network;

  • ensure that County Council transport systems meet the needs of the Disability Discrimination Act.;

  • develop relevant strategies to meet the needs of people living in rural areas who may be marginalised and may not have access to the County Council's services or information.

Aim 3 - Achieving economic prosperity

Corporate Aims

Support activities which maximise and safeguard jobs and wealth.

Strengthen economic performance in key and vulnerable sectors.

Develop effective partnerships locally, nationally and internationally.

Ensure continuous development of skills and qualifications.

As an employer and customer, act in the best interest of the local economy.

Equality Implications

To promote equalities it is necessary to:

  • provide facilities that explicitly encourage inclusion of all sections of the community and develop policies which strengthen and enable vulnerable groups to contribute effectively to the economic prosperity of Hampshire;

  • to promote equality and to influence on County Council's partners in Hampshire, the South-East and Europe to do the same;

  • endeavour to become a model employer and, in the purchasing of goods and services, ensure that the County Council take all reasonable steps to promote equality principles;

  • promote and encourage the development of skills of disadvantaged groups.

Aim 4 - Partnership for strong communities in Hampshire

Corporate Aims

Build strong partnerships with district councils, parishes and the voluntary sector.

Improve dialogue with local communities.

Encourage participation in local issues.

Develop opportunities for young people.

Equality Implication

To promote equalities it is necessary to:

  • involve all sections of the community in the County Council's consultation processes through forums and other means of communication. Create and facilitate a culture of consultation and partnership;

  • promote participation of all sections of the community by communicating information about County Council policies, procedures and plans using all means and formats available;

  • identify, through mapping and surveys, vulnerable groups in the County who are under-represented and unable to access County Council services or information, target resources and grants to meet their needs;

  • work with government, other agencies and the voluntary sector to form partnerships that address specific needs and areas of concern for under-represented groups and individuals in Hampshire.

Aim 5 - Providing high quality accessible service

Corporate Aims

Achieve continuous improvement in services

Improve customer care and satisfaction.

Act as a good employer.

Develop the use of new technology.

Improve access to services and facilities.

Equality Implications

To promote equalities it is necessary to:

monitor employee/recruitment data and develop policies and initiatives in response;

seek to ensure that staff, at all grades, including managers, reflect the diversity of the community served by the County Council;

to achieve level three of the Commission of Racial Equality standards by the year 2001;

make sure the workplace is free of bullying and harassment through effective policies and procedures;

build equalities awareness and practice into the job descriptions and person specifications of every employee;

improve recruitment and selection procedures, family-friendly policies, job evaluation, fair pay structures and all personnel functions and practice;

ensure that appropriate training and development opportunities are available to all staff and that no personnel policy is unfairly discriminatory.

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