Equality and Diversity

Corporate Equalities Strategy - Quality through Equality

Equalities Policy Statement

The County Council is committed to securing genuine equality of opportunity, whether required by law or not, in all aspects of its activities as an employer and service provider.

As well as accepting its responsibilities under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976, the Equal Pay Act 1970, and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, together with all related legislation, the County Council is committed to the broad principles of social justice. The County Council confirms that equality extends to all the services it provides as well as its employment policies and practices.

This is reflected in the County Council's Corporate Strategy which seeks both to satisfy customers through providing services that reflect the needs and make-up of the community, and to ensure that the staff of the County Council reflect the ethnic composition of the community.

The County Council recognises that passive policies will not reverse discrimination and disadvantage. So it will actively seek to redress unfair discrimination against disadvantaged people to ensure equality of opportunity. It will work to encourage and assist disadvantaged groups or individuals, creating a fair basis from which equality of opportunity can operate.

This policy applies to potential employees as well as existing staff. It relates to all aspects of employment including recruitment, pay, terms and conditions of service, training, transfer, grievance, disciplinary and capability procedures, and to all arrangements made for working for the County Council.

All sections of the population will have equal access to jobs and services offered by the County Council, and no person will receive less favourable treatment than others because of gender, disability, age, ethnic or national origin, marital status, religion or belief, sexual orientation or responsibility for dependants.

Training and development is an important aspect of the Council's equalities policy and will form an integral part of every employee's own individual personal development. The County Council provides equalities training and guidance for personal development.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the overall monitoring and implementation of this policy. Chief Officers are responsible for making sure this policy is put into practice in their departments.

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