Hampshire Facts and Figures

Key Facts about Hampshire and Hampshire County Council

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  • The population of Hampshire is 1.32 million (2011 Census), a 6.3% increase since 2001 and slightly lower than the national increase (7.8%)
  • Including Portsmouth and Southampton the population is 1.76 million
  • Hampshire is the third most populous county in England and is home to one in seven of people in the South East region (excluding London)
  • The population aged 65 and over in Hampshire increased by 21% between 2001 and 2011, nearly double the national increase (11%)
  • Hampshire County Council employs over 37,000 staff in a range of full and part-time positions (including school-based staff)


  • The County Council has 78 councillors: 56 are Conservative; 19 are Liberal Democrats; 2 are Labour Party, 1 is the Community Campaign (Hart),
  • Hampshire has 19 Members of Parliament: 17 Conservatives and 2 Labour.


  • Hampshire is in the top ten of the largest counties by land area, covering approximately 1,400 square miles
  • The largest towns in Hampshire are Havant, Basingstoke, Gosport, Eastleigh and Winchester
  • 85% of Hampshire is defined as rural and over a third of the county’s area is within National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Hampshire has 11 district councils, 261 parish and town councils and 545,000 households, of which 71% are owner-occupied (2011 Census)


  • The Hampshire (county) economy is worth approximately £35.4 billion; £46.5 billion including Portsmouth and Southampton (ONS)
  • Hampshire (county) has 65,000 businesses and approximately 689,000 people in work of whom, 114,600 work part-time. There are also 101,900 self-employed workers, while 78,400 work from home (ONS)
  • 0.7% of 16 to 64 year-olds in Hampshire (County), claimed unemployment benefit in June 2015 (ONS)
  • The County Council's budgeted gross expenditure in 2015/16 is approximately £1.9 billion

Children's services

  • There are 486 Local Authority maintained schools in Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth and Southampton) and 47 academies
  • The County Council teaches around 137,000 pupils in its maintained schools with an additional 36,000 pupils in academies
  • One in every 46 children educated in England is taught in Hampshire
  • Approximately 8,770 teachers are employed in Hampshire schools
  • Children’s social services support around 9,000 children and family clients at any point in time
  • Within the Hampshire Private Voluntary and Independent (PVI) sector there are 681 group settings and 772 child-minders approved to deliver early years education and 10 nursery units of maintained schools and three maintained nursery schools.
  • Early Years education is delivered by the Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) sector to over 21, 000 children aged 3 and 4 and 2,500+ two year olds with 10,000 + children aged 2, 3 and 4 within the maintained nursery units and year R.
  • The County Council’s Music Service provides instrumental, vocal, class and ensemble teaching to over 25,000 pupils in Hampshire schools and colleges each week, making it one of the largest music services in the country.
  • Hampshire County Council’s Fostering Service has 542 fostering households providing care and support to 731 of Hampshire’s children in care
  • Supporting 4,500 Duke of Edinburgh Awards  students in 110 centres delivering the Awards’ scheme
  • The Outdoor Education service risk assesses and approves over 25,000 outdoor learning activities and school trips each year
  • More than 1,000 young people aged 16-18 years who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) are supported every year to access further education or training
  • Over 50,000 school meals are served per school day across 550 schools
(All above as at July 2016)

Adult services

Each year Adult Services:  
  • is contacted approximately 140,000 times by people needing care advice, information and support, and carries out over 35,000 social care assessments
  • provides nearly 13,000 people aged over 65 with a long term service.  Of these 1,430 were supported with  memory and cognition
  • provides over 7,000 people aged 18 to 64 with a long term service.  Of these some 2,700 have a learning disability; 2,200 have mental health issue; 2000 have a physical disability
  • cares for some 850 people in County Council run residential and nursing  homes
  • delivers 100,000 individual items of support equipment to help people maintain their independence
  • supports some 14,000 people to be discharged safely from hospital back home or into a community setting
  • commissions 120,000 hours of home care each week (6 million hours per annum) to support people to continue living  independently in their own homes
  • supports over 5000 people through short term reablement services
  • supports over 6500 carers, either through services, information and advice or signposting.
  • provides telecare support to more than 4,000 clients


  • Hampshire has 5,300 miles (8,600 kilometres) of road and 193 miles (310 kilometres) of railway track, incorporating 49 stations
  • Approximately £60 million a year is spent maintaining Hampshire's highways and pavements

  • The County Council maintains 150,000 street lights which have been either replaced or upgraded with new technology and energy saving lamps, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions

  • In Hampshire there are 30 bus operators providing over 31 million passenger journeys a year.

  • Hampshire has more cars than any other county and two-thirds of commuters in Hampshire travel by car (2011 Census)

Waste Management

  • The total Household Waste Collected figure for Hampshire in 2014/2015 was 605,769.5 tonnes.
  • The 24 Hampshire Waste Recycling Centres recycle, reuse, compost and recover energy from 83.84% of the material brought in by 4 million visitors each year

  • In 2014/15 94.76% of all household waste in Hampshire’s was diverted from landfill


  • Tourism is worth almost £3 billion annually to the Hampshire economy
  • Each year Hampshire is visited by 4.5 million staying visitors and a further 52 million day visitors
(All above as at July 2016)

Services and resources

  • The county council runs 48 libraries & Discovery Centres across Hampshire, and supports five community libraries. There are 5.6 million visits every year and 6.6 million books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks magazines and games are issued annually
  • Hampshire County Council’s Countryside Service is responsible for over 80 countryside sites covering 8,586.6 acres (3,474.9 hectares) including; 5 major Country Parks, 5 National Nature Reserves, 31 Local Nature Reserves, 38 sites designated for their heritage or biodiversity importance at a National and International level, 20 Scheduled Ancient Monuments and 40 listed structures, 7246 Public Rights of Way which equates to 2,860 miles (4,603 km)
  • Each year Hampshire County Council's Registration Service registers 18,000 births and deaths and conducts over 5,000 ceremonies
  • In 2015/2016 Hampshire Trading Standards received over 23,000 enquiries from consumers, business and other organisations
  • The Hampshire Pension Fund invests contributions made by 51,000 contributors and around 300 employers, and pays pensions and benefits to 33,000 retired employees. Over half of the Fund’s members are from other employers than Hampshire County Council.

Unless specifically stated, information as at August 2016