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Published 2011

Profile of Hampshire 2011

A Profile of Hampshire 2011

Report published September 2011

The fifth edition of ‘A Profile of Hampshire’ , produced in 2011, continues in the same vein as its predecessors, attempting to give an improved portrayal of the County of Hampshire and its population, using a wide range of general, social, economic, environmental and leisure  information. Topics have been updated where more recent data have been found and new information have been included, where appropriate.

Full Document:


Housing Completions 2010/2011 Briefing Note

Report published June 2011
This briefing note contains statistics on new homes built in Hampshire including Portsmouth and Southampton during the twelve months to 31 March 2011. Fewer than 4,700 properties were completed in 2010/11, the lowest level for 10 years. It also includes statistics showing the number of new homes built each year since 2006.

Residential Development Activity in Hampshire : April - September 2010

Report published February 2011
This bulletin is the first of a new mid-year publication which will complement the annual monitoring report by analysing data for Hampshire including Portsmouth and Southampton, for the six months April - September. Tracking key development data every six months instead of only every twelve, provides more frequent monitoring and earlier warning of changes in market conditions.

This bulletin analyses data on starts, completions and planning approvals for residential development for the period 1st April 2010 to 30th September 2010 and compares it with data for the same period in the previous four years.


Published 2010

Development in Hampshire 2009/10 Monitoring Bulletin

Report published October 2010
Information on development activity, which is collected by the Environment Department's Spatial Strategy and Research Group, is central to providing an up to date and accurate evidence base. It is the focus of this monitoring bulletin which looks at housebuilding and employment development during the last year (2009/10), compares this with policy targets, and sets it in the context of trends over preceding years. A review of the number of starts on new sites and planning permissions granted provides an insight into likely building rates over the coming years.

Hampshire Community Infrastructure Study 2010 Supplement

Report published September 2010
The purpose of this paper is to supplement the Hampshire Community Infrastructure Study 2009, focusing on what investments are currently identified in the Hampshire County Council Capital Programme 2010/11 to 2012/13.  It should be read alongside the 2009 document.

Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton Home Movers Survey 2010

Report published September 2010
The Hampshire Home Movers Survey 2010 is the latest in a series of publications on housing market trends. The last survey was conducted in 2002 and covered the occupiers of new and previously occupied properties and rented dwellings.

This report collates information about people who moved into homes in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton during the year 2008/09. It explores where they previously lived, their reasons for moving, the type, tenure and size of their new home, and their satisfaction with it. This insight into the type, size and tenure of properties changing hands, and the new occupiers’ origin, household size and satisfaction will assist population forecasting and the formulation of new planning policies.

To accompany the Home Movers Survey Report is a PowerPoint presentation given to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers Group (HIPOG) Planning Research Liaison Group (PRLG) on the 22nd September 2010 which summarises the report and some of its key findings:

Home Movers Survey HIPOG Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 340kb

The Socio-Economic Profile of Rural Hampshire

Report published April 2010
The Socio-Economic Profile of Rural Hampshire provides data and information about rural communities in Hampshire. It includes facts and figures about population, jobs, housing, rural deprivation, transport and accessibility, broadband provision, volunteering and other key topics. The Rural Profile will help Hampshire County Council and its partners with their projects and decision-making, including rural proofing - the process whereby services are examined and modified to ensure they will not unfairly disadvantage rural areas.

The 'Rural Profile' has been divided into chapters for ease of downloading (due to file size restrictions), but please do see the Rural Hampshire Factsheet for a summary of key themes contained in the document:

The Socio-Economic Profile of Rural Hampshire:


2009 and and earlier

Housing provision for older people in Hampshire

Report published November 2009
Hampshire has growing numbers of older people. This study looks at the current and predicted numbers of older households, and  their housing needs and aspirations. It assesses the supply of specialist housing for older people  and considers future requirements. The resulting conclusions and recommendations propose actions which Hampshire local authorities might take to tackle the issues.
This document relates only to the geographic area covered by the Hampshire County Council and all references to ‘Hampshire’ refers to the County Council’s area only.

Affordable Housing Study 2009

Report published October 2009
Hampshire local authorities are committed to increasing the amount of affordable housing.  The number of affordable homes delivered is also one of the Government’s National Indicators which are being used to assess the performance of local authorities.  This makes it imperative to analyse the need for and supply of affordable housing, and to identify ways to increase that supply. This report seeks to do that, building on a similar document published by the County Council in 2004.  This County Council document relates only to the geographic area covered by the Council and all references to ‘Hampshire’ refers to the County Council’s area only.

Quality of Life in Hampshire 2008

Latest edition published August 2008
The report, generally at district level, uses a set of indicators covering the four themes in the Community Strategy: strong and safe communities; health and well-being; economic prosperity and lifelong learning; environment, infrastructure and transport.

qol 2008 thumbnail
Quality of Life in Hampshire 2008 Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 1mb