Hampshire Facts and Figures

Births, Death and Migration

Births & Deaths


  • The Demography Team produces these Trends in Births and Deaths Factsheets.

  • They present information on numbers of births and deaths, age of mother at birth, births outside wedlock and births by mother’s birth status.

  • They provide information from 1991 to 2016 and are available for all of Hampshire's districts (as well as the Unitary Authorities of Portsmouth and Southampton).

  • The data in the factsheets comes from ONS Vital Statistics.



The Factsheets:




  • Migration – or the movement of people is the hardest of the 3 key demographic factors to measure owing to there being no single source of migration data that provides a full picture.

  • The Demography Team has produced a literature review of UK migration to help explain the main issues and trends and factors that lead to changes in the numbers of migrants:

  • The county has also produced a comprehensive look at recent trends in international in-migration into Hampshire

  • For more data on migration please go to the Office for National Statistics Local Area Migration Indicators Suite (updated August 2013).


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