Hampshire Facts and Figures

Historical Census Information


Our Historical Demographic Profiles and Interactive Population Pyramids show that Hampshire has experienced profound changes to its demography over the last 200 years. Census History in England and Wales is also looked at as part of the run up to the 2011 Census results.

  • Historical Demographic Profiles

    For Hampshire County, Portsmouth and Southampton that provide a graphical overview of the changes in population that have taken place from 1801 to 2001. The population is analysed by age and sex, including the working age and dependent populations.

  • Census Population Pyramids

    For Hampshire County that show the changes in age and gender structure from 1851 to 2001. The accompanying text describes the trends, which see the pyramid changing into more of a rectangle.

  • Census History

    This external link provides Census history facts for England and Wales and Census stories from the past in preparation for the 2011 Census results.