Hampshire Facts and Figures

The Demographic Future of Hampshire

Report published July 2007

The population of Hampshire is projected to grow by over 100,000 people to 1,792,000 by 2026.  Understanding the size and composition of the local population and appreciating how it might change is essential if adequate service provision and infrastructure are to be provided and maintained.

The report explains the likely size and characteristics of the population of Hampshire and the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton and the effects of the expected changes. It sets out an overall picture and also identifies key differences between districts.  It explores the likely impacts of trends on

  • housing provision;
  • education;
  • healthcare; and
  • the labour market.

The report draws on a wealth of national and local demographic data to describe and explore past, current and likely future demographic trends.  It considers factors that directly affect population change:

  • fertility;
  • mortality: and
  • migration.

It also addresses related matters such as ethnicity, marital status, age distribution and household composition.  

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The report is available as a PDF download. Please note that the file size is 7Mb which is very high, so download time will be long if you do not have broadband access.  Approximate download time is about 15 minutes at 56 Kbps.

A limited number of printed copies are also available from the County Council  - see below.
Report: The Demographic Future of Hampshire Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 7mb

If you have any questions about the report, or to request a printed copy, please contact Gemma Quarendon on 01962 846794 or by email: