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Film Hampshire is the official film office for the county and our role is to promote Hampshire as a great film location, as well as providing film makers with a valuable free location finding service.

We have 400 locations listed on our database, covering everything from country houses to parks, forests and beaches.

Downton Abbey was filmed in Hampshire and the county has been the backdrop for many famous productions over the years. Most recently these include : Netflix's The Crown, Top Gear, Wars of the Roses and Avengers, Age of Ultron.

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Why film in Hampshire?

  • Coastal county

  • Only 75 miles from London

  • Our support for crews filming in the area

  • Unique locations including two National Parks, Ministry of Defence sites, steam trains and a steam ship

  • Over 400 film locations

  • Excellent transport links

  • Home of Black Hangar and Banshee Studios

  • Historical landmarks include: King Arthur's Round Table, HMS Victory, the Mary Rose and Jane Austen's House Museum

Having spent around fifty days a year shooting Downton Abbey at Hampshire's Highclere Castle, I have seen what the county has to offer. With its good transport links, spectacular scenery and great locations it really is a joy to film in the area.
Tom Barnes - Location Manager for Downton Abbey, 2014

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