Your questions

Why can’t you avoid cuts by spending reserves?

Reserves can only be spent once, so using them to support the budget can only temporarily delay a cut, which we would still have to find the next year and the year after that. Reserves are being spent in ways that generate savings and improve services over the longer term. Examples include the development of Extra Care assisted living accommodation, and the new technology to support shared back-office functions with other public sector organisations. These are investments that allow the Council to modernise and develop new ways to provide services, while still securing quality and better value for money, which in the long-term, protect more services.

What is being done to help vulnerable children and adults?

We will be integrating more with Health services to complement preventative work being undertaken to support older people. This work has a focus on helping people live independently for longer in their own homes, reducing demand for care and freeing up resources for those with more complex needs, including dementia.

We are continuing to expand the amount of Extra Care assisted living accommodation, which enables both older residents and adults with learning disabilities to keep living in a home of their own, with the reassurance of 24 hour care and support being available on site.

In Children’s Services we will continue to ensure the most vulnerable children are protected and cared for. There will be a greater emphasis on preventative work with the creation of ‘early help’ hubs to support children and families in need.

What are you doing to help Hampshire’s economy?

Schemes which will help Hampshire’s economy include working to provide faster broadband to rural areas and helping Hampshire people into work. £54 million is being spent on road maintenance as we recognise that good transport infrastructure is vital to the economy. In addition to this our total capital budget of over three quarters of a billion pounds over four years will create hundreds of jobs in the construction industry.