Investing in the future

In 2012/13 we will spend £86 million on school buildings and other Children’s Services projects, including the refurbishment of Park Community Secondary School in Havant; build two new Schools in Andover and Fleet; improved vocational provision in Fareham and Gosport; and a number of primary, secondary and special school improvement projects across the county.

About £17 million will be spent on capital repairs of schools and other buildings.

£58 million will be spent within the Economy, Transport and Environment service, consisting of £49 million to improve Hampshire's local transport infrastructure and on the structural maintenance of roads, footways and bridges, £1 million for Coastal sites and flood defence works. Project Resilience, which is a 7 year programme of structural maintenance and restructuring of the highway network at a cost of £10 million per year, is now in its second year.  

In 2012/13 £18 million will be spent on Adult Social Care projects and maintenance. The major area of spend is the investment in additional Extra Care Housing to fund alternative and lower cost models of care. Other investments are to support the transformation of Learning Disability services, the provision of equipment for the Integrated Community Equipment Store, IT developments and projects to improve efficiency.

In addition, there will be general investment to provide future capacity and foundations for growth to the Hampshire economy, through strategic property reviews and improvements in Information Technology infrastructure. £1.5 million will be spent implementing rural broadband and £2 million on improving IT services to Schools. Investment on smaller schemes in Culture, Communities and Rural Affairs, Waste and Environmental improvements will continue.

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Capital spending in 2012/13

£ million

Children’s services


Local transport


Adults social care


Economic development


Culture, Communities and Rural Affairs


Land acquisition and corporate services


Waste management


Environment improvements