Budget and council tax in summary

Providing value for money for Hampshire residents

Hampshire County Council is the third-largest shire county, with a population of 1.3 million. In 2011/12 we aim to continue providing services that benefit people most in need, despite the reduced government grant, by focusing more on improving efficiency and reducing back-office costs. We will also freeze our part of the Council Tax. Unfortunately, we will not be able to avoid reductions to some services.

Budget breakdown

In 2011/12, our general government funding will be cut by 14.3% compared to last year. This is the joint highest percentage cut for any English county council. We also receive a low amount of government funding per person compared to many other councils. In 2011/12, the county council with the highest government funding per person will receive almost twice as much per person as Hampshire County Council. Apart from the direct grant to our schools, which we hand straight over to them, general government funding provides only £26 of every £100 needed for our other services in Hampshire, so the rest has to come from Council Tax.

The Government grant cuts will place major budget pressures on us, increased further by the demands we face:

● increased social care costs

● the rising numbers of vulnerable children who need care

● higher price inflation

● taking on new transferred legal duties, such as the concessionary bus fares scheme, which are not fully funded by the Government.

Taking account of the cuts, extra demands and planned efficiency improvements, we expect to spend £1,913 million on services in 2011/12, compared with £1,830 million in 2010/11.

How your services are funded

The Government grant provides funding for 26% of the cost of the services we provide other than schools which are fully funded by a direct grant. This means council tax provides 74% of the money needed to look after vulnerable people of all ages, maintaining our roads and providing other services.

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