Budget consultation

Revenue, budget and precept 2011/12 - Appendix 7

Summary of consultation with communities on County Council savings and the budget 2011/12

Strategy for consultation

A variety of forums and methods have been utilised to seek the public’s views on the County Council’s efficiency programme and cost reduction proposals.

The methods used include:

a) Ipsos Mori were commissioned to recruit participants and run a formal, representative and moderated consultation workshop with Hampshire residents on attitudes to cost saving proposals.

b) Inviting online comments via Hantsweb (the County Council’s Budget/financial information and news web pages) as an open opportunity for members of the public and employees to submit comments. The online consultation ran from 15 November to 10 December 2010. Hampshire Now also included a feature on the forthcoming budget and financial pressures, signposting anyone who would wish to respond to the relevant Hantsweb pages. It also appeared as a feature on Hantsweb for the last week of the consultation. 70 comments were received electronically. This is around the ‘norm’ that has been received in past years prior to setting the budget.

c) Dialogue with the voluntary and community sector.

d) Dialogue with Trade Union representatives.

e) Dialogue with senior managers and staff.


Summary of findings.