Where the money comes from

The County Council's expenditure is funded by income from fees and charges, Government grant for specific services, general Government grant (including redistributed business rates) and council tax.

The budget is that part of the County Council's expenditure funded by general Government grant and council tax. Income from council tax funds around 30% of the County Council's gross expenditure and 75% of its net budget.

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2011/122011/12 adjusted for function
changes etc
2012/13Increase on
Gross expenditure 1,9131,8611,752-5.9
Fees and charges -169-164-168-2.4
Specific and Area Based grant -934-924-8379.4
Reserves and balances-94-47 -3525.5
Budget 716726712-2.0
Formula Grant 186196177-9.7
Collection Fund 444   -
Council tax payer 5265265300.8