Transport Planning

Fleet Town Access Plan

Updated 28 March 2013

About the Fleet Town Access Plan

The Fleet Town Access Plan was formally approved by the Executive Member for Environment and Transport on 5 April 2011. It was produced following extensive consultation with the public and our strategic partners.

The Fleet Town Access Plan ("the Plan") can be downloaded below.

The Plan will be used to support the evidence base for negotiating developer contributions and other sources of funding towards transportation and accessibility improvements.

The Plan comprises five strategies:

  • Pedestrian and Cycle
  • Bus
  • Rail
  • Smarter Choices
  • Traffic management and Highways.

Download the Fleet TAP

Implementation of Schemes

This stage will be subject to funding availability, approvals and further consultation if applicable.  Due to the preliminary design that was undertaken during the development of the Tap some schemes can be taken forward where funding is available and approved.

Completed Fleet TAP Schemes:

Fleet TAP schemes in progress: