Flooding and flood water management in Hampshire

Flood Recovery: funding for roads and highways

Updated 16 May 2014

On the 20 March 2014 the Government announced the individual allocations of the £183.5m Flood Recovery Funds. This funding had been specifically set aside to help Local Highway Authorities worst hit by the recent bad weather to repair their damaged roads. Hampshire County Council has received an £11.5m proportion of this funding and is currently compiling a programme of schemes.

This is a large sum of money and it will be used in conjunction with our annual structural maintenance budget, for Highways of approximately £35m, to repair and restore the condition of our roads. It should be noted that an initial assessment of the damage caused by the severe weather alone is in excess of £35m and therefore bringing the condition of Hampshire’s roads back to previously accepted standards will take some considerable time.

Assessments of the highway condition and the development of a programme of repairs has now been completed. Work on the worst affected roads has started .The allocation of funding has now been decided and the programme of repairs has been divided as follows:

  • road resurfacing (£5m)
  • road reconstruction (£3.5m)
  • road and footway patching (£1.5m)
  • drainage repairs (£0.7m)
  • bridge repairs (£0.75m)

The Government has asked all Authorities to complete a majority of the work associated with this additional funding ahead of the summer holidays. Given the size of the Hampshire’s programme, the constraints on traffic management and sequencing closures to minimise disruption to the travelling public, this timetable will be a challenge, but we are anticipating that the majority of the programme will be completed on time.