Flooding and flood water management in Hampshire

Contact Hampshire flood risk management

If you are being flooded or about to be flooded please contact the emergency services (dial 999)

Hampshire County Council is responsible for managing the risk of future flooding from: Groundwater, Surface Water (rainfall) and Ordinary Watercourses, which are smaller, non-main rivers and water bodies, including rivers, streams, ditches, drains, cuts, culverts, dikes, and sluices.

The County Council has powers to carry out works to manage groundwater and surface water flood risk, and to oversee the management of flood risk from ordinary watercourses by the owners of the land through which the water flows.

If you wish to report a flooding or water management issue, or have a general query about flood risk management, please contact the Flood and Water Management team using the details below. Please include details of where the flooding has occurred (e.g. property/outbuildings/garden) and the suspected cause of the problem (e.g. unmaintained/blocked ditch, blocked or partially blocked drain).

If reporting a flooding or water management issue and you are able to supply photos of the flood event (via email or the contact form) it would be appreciated:

Other contacts

Please note if you believe the flooding is from a main river or from a burst/leaking water main, please contact the following:

Our response times

We will respond to your enquiry within five working days (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays).

If your query relates to the information or advice held by the Environment Agency we will forward your inquiry to them within two working days.