Flooding and flood water management in Hampshire

Groundwater Management Plan for Hampshire

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During the winter of 2000/2001 over 100 towns and villages across Hampshire suffered significant flooding;  with over 400 properties flooded and significant disruption and damage to infrastructure. In response Hampshire County Council (together with Winchester City Council) funded research into the impacts of long term groundwater flooding. The Environment Agency commissioned a study to investigate the causes and effects of this flooding, identify actions to address it and undertake a risk assessment for all affected towns and villages.

In its new role as a Lead Local Flood Authority, Hampshire County Council has reviewed the findings and conclusions of these studies and reassessed the nature and extent of the risk posed by groundwater and the effectiveness of the measures implemented to be evaluated. The Groundwater Management Plan (GWMP) for Hampshire has been prepared in partnership with other risk management authorities including the district councils, the Hampshire Association of Local Councils, the Environment Agency, water companies and others. It builds on work undertaken last year on the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for Hampshire.

Your comments

In late 2013 the County Council sought the views of Hampshire residents on the work done to date in the form of the draft Groundwater Management Plan for Hampshire

We were particularly interested in receiving detailed comments on the action plans for what we identified as the 10 most ‘at risk’ wards in Hampshire. In particular, we asked:

  • Does the plan accurately reflect your experience and understanding of the risk from groundwater flooding in this area?

  • Are there measures identified in the earlier studies which have been implemented which are not reflected in the action plan(s)

  • Are there other reasonable measures which could be identified in the action plan(s) to address, mitigate or reduce the future risk of groundwater flooding in these areas?