Freedom of Information

FOI costs

You will be informed in writing of any possible charge or fee that must be paid before the information is provided.

If you are requesting information contained in our publication scheme, the scheme will give details of whether, and how much, we will charge for providing the information.

If you are requesting information not contained in our publication scheme, we may charge you a fee, as laid down in the Department of Constitutional Affairs’ Regulations.

  • Requests costing under £450 will be free of charge except for any cost of photocopying, postage, or supplying the information in a preferred format
  • Requests costing over £450 may be charged at the rate of £25 per person per hour, together with the costs of copying, postage and production in any preferred format
  • Rates for copying are as follows:
    • A4  Black and White – 10p  per sheet (single-sided) and 20p per sheet (double-sided).
    • A4  Colour - 40p per sheet (single-sided) and 80p per sheet (double-sided)
    • A3 Black and White – 20p per sheet (single-sided) and 40p per sheet (double-sided)
    • A3 Colour – 80p per sheet (single-sided) and £1.60 per sheet (double-sided).
  • Postage is charged at minimum second class postage costs or 2p per sheet (whichever is the greater).