Hampshire Cultural Trust


The collection includes comprehensive collections of minerals, rocks and particularly fossil specimens from the Quaternary, Paleogene and Cretaceous periods of Hampshire and Isle of Wight. The geological collection also includes specimens from other UK geological periods retained for teaching and display. Clearly these collections represent past and present collecting policies, plus the activities of both the amateur and professional collector.

Early collections include those made by William Curtis, Herbert Druitt & George Willis. They include Quaternary mammals, many fine examples of Paleogene molluscs, particularly from Barton on Sea and Late Cretaceous echinoderms from various Hampshire Chalk localities. Other collections made by these individuals include an important collection of silicified molluscs from the Cretaceous of Devon and Early Jurassic Cephalopods from Dorset and Yorkshire.

More recent collections and individual specimens obtained by the service fall within the current collecting policy. These collections include important contributions particularly to the Paleogene and Cretaceous record made by Brown, Carlos, Cecil, Clasby, Cooper, Dunleavy, Field, Forhead, Gardner, Godwin, Hoges, Hole, Jurd, Jennings, Jervoise, Kemp, King, Leng, Locke, Lucas, McAlwane, McCreath, Mintram, Morley, Mullis, Newman, Perry, Pullman-Endean, Schlater, Simonds, Sims, St John Burton, West, Westlake and Zachariades.

The contribution made by these individual collectors continue to provide new, previously unrecorded information on the geology of Hampshire, including new localities, abundance, diversity, distribution and preservation of the fossil faunas.

Paleogene mollusca