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Time off and sickness

Annual leave

Facilities agreement - police federation

Maternity and adoption

Miscellaneous leave

Special constabulary leave of absence

Trade union facilities time

Salary, expenses and benefits

Bonus payments

Isle of Wight ferry fares - police officers

Isle of Wight travel for police officers

Market supplements

Northern travel allowance

Pay for superintendents and chief superintendents

Police staff pension scheme (LGPS) policy on discretionary benefits

Police staff relocation entitlements

Police staff standby allowance and recall to duty

Recognition, commendation and awards

Regulation 35 - relocation assistance for police officers

Standby allowance and recall to duty procedure

Me and my role

1998 police support staff council handbook

Information and consultation procedure

Probationary period for police staff

Role evaluation (police staff)

My time

Flexi time scheme

Inspecting ranks working arrangements

Variable shift arrangements

Work life balance

Managing people

Attendance management for police officers and staff



Dismissal for some other substantial reason (SOSR)

Fairness and equality in employment

Human Resource management

Misconduct for police staff

Police support volunteer complaints / concerns

Police support volunteers scheme

Reasonable adjustments

Regulation 13 - dismissal of a student officer

Transferring or rejoining officer

Unsatisfactory performance - police officers and staff

Volunteer police cadets

Work life balance


Human Resource management

Transferring or rejoining officer

Leaving employment

Police staff pension scheme (LGPS) policy on discretionary benefits


Safeguarding and raising concerns

Confidential reporting procedure

Diffusion process flowchart

Grievance resolution

Harassment and bullying support


Relationships at work