Hampshire County Council Grants

Alternative Broadband Grant - application notes

To apply electronically, you must have a valid email address.

Contact details for you organisation (Questions 1 – 6)

Question 1 Department/Grant Programme

Please select :

Department: Culture, Communities and Business Services for Department,

Grant Programme: Alternative Broadband Grant for grant programme

Is your grant: £1000 or under (Shorter form)

Your Organisation Name: Please enter your name

Postcode: the postcode where the alternative broadband solution will be used

Charity Number (if applicable): N/A

Questions 2-4 Contact details of your organisation

If you are applying as an individual please write your personal details where the application asks for organisational details. In question 3 'How would you describe your organisation?' select “other” and type “residential” in the pop up box.

Question 5 Umbrella Group or Larger Organisation and 6 Aims and Objectives of your Organisation

Type “N/A”

Your Project (Questions 7 – 10)

Question 7 Title of project or service

Type “Alternative Broadband”

Question 8a Summary of your project

Type “N/A”

Question 8a Summary of your project

Please specify technology selected and details of chosen supplier (contact details or web address)

Question 8c Project outcomes

Please state your previous broadband speed and your new estimated broadband speed.

Question 8d How you involved service users in the development of your project

Type “N/A”

Question 9 Project dates and frequency

Select ongoing and ignore other questions

Question 10 - Geographical areas

Select the District where the alternative broadband service will be used.

Finance (Questions 11 – 15)

Question 11 Financial reserves

Select “No” for free reserves if you are a residential user / applicant

Question 12 Cost detail

Please show product and installation and cost

Question 14a project finance summary

Please show income. If you have purchased a solution above £300 you will have to pay the difference – this is where you need to show your contribution. Otherwise as a residential user this will probably be  £0.00.

Question 14c What would happen if your application was only partially awarded or unsuccessful?

Please detail why broadband is important to you, your family or business and why your current poor broadband service is a problem.

General Questions/ Documentation (Questions 16 – 20)

Questions 18 documentation & 19 Organisation staff numbers

These are not mandatory so can be left blank.

Question 20 Equalities

This question is primarily aimed at organisations and does need to be completed by all applicants.

The alternative broadband could, for example include :

  • I am applying as a Hampshire resident who cannot access fast broadband regardless of any protected characteristics. Faster broadband improves social inclusion.

For businesses other examples of things which may be relevant to include are:

  • We have an equality and diversity policy. We ensure our staff receive equalities and diversity training. We actively encourage and support all sectors of the community including those having protected characteristics to take part in this project.
  • We have an open and transparent recruitment and promotion policy.
  • The organisations’ culture fully embraces diversity.
  • Our constitution/ this project focuses on fostering good community relations across all sectors of society by...
  • This project will advance equality of opportunity for everyone by...

Documentation to be submitted

Please send in your invoice or receipt.

We would appreciate electronic document attachments. If, however, you only have a paper copy please write this in the documentation section and send a paper copy in.

Monitoring Information

This information will help us to plan and fund areas of work where there are significant gaps and needs. If you need to collect this information from your staff or service users then it is important that you give them a choice as to whether they choose to give this personal information.


Grant application form

Grant application form

The application form will open in a new window. There is a two hour time limit to complete or save your form. Additionally you can print or save your application immediately prior to submitting it.


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