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Community Buildings Capital Fund

This scheme is now closed

When to apply

The Community Buildings Capital Fund is open for applications all year (pending funding available).

Application deadline

Decision day

1 August 2014 (pending funding available)

16 September 2014

Organisations will not normally be awarded more than one grant per financial year (previously funded projects must be completed before a new application is made). If an organisation requires an emergency request outside of the above dates please contact CCBSgrants@hants.gov.uk.

What is funded?

The Community Buildings Capital Fund supports capital based projects including refurbishment and improvement of Hampshire community centres, village halls and charitable and voluntary organisations (which offer a full and varied open access community programme).

What isn't funded?

The following organisations are not funded under this scheme:

  • Parish Councils
  • Other local authorities
  • Groups and organisations whose main priority is of an individual focus or single use i.e. playgroup, lunch clubs or youth groups
  • Uniformed organisations
  • School properties
  • Sports clubs
  • Theatres

The following projects are not funded under this scheme:

  • The purchase of land.
  • Equipment not directly attributable to the building i.e. we will fund fitted kitchen equipment and sound systems, but would not fund a television or hi-fi system. We will also not fund equipment intended for the use of a separate trading arm or commercial organisation using the premises.
  • Capital works that have already been carried out. We cannot retrospectively fund projects, grants are awarded for works to be carried out in the future.

Grant criteria and eligibility

The Community Buildings Capital Fund is open to the following community based organisations who benefit a local community/local communities in Hampshire, improving the quality of life for all, particularly those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged:

  • Village halls (not parish-run halls)
  • Community associations
  • Charitable and voluntary organisations which offer a full and varied open access community programme.

These organisations must be properly constituted with clear and effective local governance and management structures.

Organisations will not normally be eligible for grants where they hold unallocated reserves in excess of one year’s running costs. Where it is judged that unallocated reserves are unreasonably in excess of what is required or not allocated for legitimate purposes, those organisations may receive a reduced grant. All charitable organisations are expected to have an agreed reserves policy that addresses their financial risk.

Where appropriate, depending on the grant sum requested, the organisation will be expected to submit supporting documentation. All documentation will be used, alongside the application form, to assess against the grant criteria.

Grant criteria

Hampshire County Council can fund up to a maximum grant of £25,000. Normally we would expect match funding of 50% of the total project costs.

Capital based projects must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Building repairs, extensions and refurbishments

  • Capital improvements that reduce running costs

  • Health and Safety issues

  • Equipment that will become a permanent fixture within the building which improves access and/or increases usage (the exception to this are tables, chairs and storage units which will also be funded)

  • Capital based feasibility studies.

Organisations need to demonstrate:

  • The provision of community programmes/activities from the community building for the benefit of the local community.

  • The impact the capital based project will make to the local community, the organisation and wider society (if appropriate).

  • The local community have been involved in identifying the need for the project and support it.

Applicants will be expected to have obtained permission from the landlord to undertake the capital work. If required applicants will also be expected to have obtained planning permission and/or listed buildings consent (if appropriate) to carry out the works.

Documentation required

Organisations will also be expected to submit the following documents for ALL projects;

  • Copy of your most recent audited/independently examined annual accounts
  • Copy of your reserves policy
  • A copy of estimates for the work (if work is less than £10,000 please enclose one estimate. Otherwise at least three estimates for the work should be enclosed).  Estimates should be presented on company stationary and should contain a company VAT number if appropriate.
  • Copy of your community programme including list of organisations that use your premises
  • Copy of plans for major projects where appropriate (for projects costing a total of over £50,000)

Grants £5000 and over

  • Annual Accounts
  • Adults Safeguarding Policy
  • Child Protection Policy

Grants £10,000 and over

  • Annual Accounts
  • Adults Safeguarding Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Three year business plan
  • Public Liability Insurance (usually £10m)
  • Employers' Liability Insurance (usually £10m)

For applications requesting support for capital energy efficiency projects

  • An energy audit or similar document for community building.

On occasions, at our discretion, we may require further information and documentation in addition to the above to support the assessment process.

Feasibility studies

In order to assist voluntary organisations apply for funds from other sources, Hampshire County Council may support the costs of feasibility studies. Applications will be considered for 50% of the cost of such studies up to a maximum of £500.

Hampshire County Council will normally fund up to a maximum of 50% of the total project costs not exceeding a maximum grant of £25,000.

If you need any further information or advice please contact the Community Support Team.

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