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Community Investment Fund

The Community Investment Fund supports community based organisations delivering services/projects/activities which support the priorities and outcomes of Hampshire County Council’s Strategic Plan 2013-17 ‘Shaping Hampshire: modern, public services for the future  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 4MB

Those most relevant to this scheme are:

  1. Health and wellbeing: Improving health and wellbeing for all
  2. Communities: working with communities to enhance local services

Priority is given to organisations serving communities with high levels of multiple deprivation. This is taken into consideration when calculating the value of any award.

Where an application is assessed to be eligible for an award, but the value of that award is calculated to be less than £3,000 the organisation will be signposted to apply for support through the Culture and Community Activity Grants scheme instead. This is to ensure the required levels of monitoring and reporting are proportionate to the value of award. (Subject to confirmation 14 September 2015).

When to apply

The Community Investment Fund is an annual programme and has one round per year. Funding is granted on an annual basis only, so organisations must apply every year.

The fund is currently closed to new applications.

What is funded

A grant can be awarded to eligible organisations to contribute towards service costs and/or core costs including salaries. Applications should specify what funding would support. Applications should also specify any investment/improvements to improve efficiency.

What isn't funded

  • Organisations that do not meet the Fund’s criteria
  • Individuals
  • Profit making organisations
  • Organisations already in receipt of funding from other Hampshire County Council departments for core costs and/or core service/programme delivery.
  • Organisations providing services and/or projects solely within the unitary authority areas of Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council.
  • Organisations whose main priority is of an individual focus or single use i.e. young people, older people, health, arts, sports/recreation.
  • Parish/Town Councils
  • Other local authorities
  • Uniformed organisations such as Scouts, Girl Guides, cadets etc
  • Schools
  • Capital projects including building works and equipment

Grant criteria and eligibility

The Community Investment Fund is open to not for profit, community based organisations with local governance arrangements in Hampshire, which meet the following eligibility criteria;

  • The services/programmes of the community based organisation clearly deliver against  the priorities above.
  • The services/programmes of the community based organisation benefit a local community/local communities in Hampshire, improving health and wellbeing for all.
  • The community-based organisation must be properly constituted with clear and effective local governance and management structures.
  • Organisations will not normally be eligible for grants where they hold unallocated reserves in excess of one year’s running costs. Where it is judged that unallocated reserves are unreasonably in excess of what is required or not allocated for legitimate purposes, those organisations may receive a reduced grant. All charitable organisations are expected to have an agreed reserves policy that addresses their financial risk.
  • As a minimum standard we would expect your organisation to meet the minimum legal requirements along with policies and procedures to cover your organisation’s services/programmes. Generally we would expect organisations to have £10m cover for public liability and employers liability insurance.

Where appropriate, depending on the grant sum requested, the organisation will be expected to submit supporting documentation. All documentation will be used, alongside the application form, to assess against the grant criteria.

Documentation required

All applications

  • Annual Accounts’
  • Current constitution (only submit if you are applying for the first time or the document has changed)
  • Financial plan for sustainability and less reliance on grant funding (only submit if you are applying for the first time of the document has changed). This could be included as a section in your Three Year Business Plan if you are submitting one.

Grants £5000 and over

  • Annual Accounts
  • Adults Safeguarding Policy
  • Child Protection Policy

Grants £10,000 and over

  • Annual Accounts
  • Adults Safeguarding Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Three year business plan
  • Public Liability Insurance (usually £10m)
  • Employers' Liability Insurance (usually £10m)

Grants £25,000 and over

  • Annual Accounts
  • Adults Safeguarding Policy
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Three year business plan
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Public Liability Insurance (usually £10m)
  • Employers' Liability Insurance (usually £10m)

On occasions, at our discretion, we may require further information and documentation in addition to the above to support the assessment process.

All successful applicants will be required to provide appropriate reporting and/or monitoring for their organisation, services/programmes, including completion of interim and end of grant monitoring and evaluation forms.

Grant Criteria

All eligible applications will be assessed against the grant criteria. The criteria are relevant to community based organisations and directly link to the Strategic Plan 2013-17 ‘Shaping Hampshire: modern, public services for the future  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 4MB' priorities.

Your organisation must:

  • Provide services/programmes that improve your community’s access to services in their area of benefit.

  • Provide services/programmes that improve the life chances and health and wellbeing for all, particularly those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

  • Work in partnership and be engaged with relevant neighbourhood/community partnerships, to support the delivery of a range of community services/programmes.

  • Work towards optimising economic, social and environmental sustainability.

  • Provide services/programmes that ensure the delivery and improvement of high quality services.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to support and/or increase participation through volunteering.

  • Actively engage and consult with your local community to identify needs

Before you apply you are strongly advised to read the guidance notes on the following page which provides support and further details on the above.

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