Hampshire County Council Grants

Guidance notes for Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme (HTAS) applications

To apply electronically, you must have a valid email address.

Please follow the guidance carefully – if you are under 18 please ask your parent or guardian to complete the form on your behalf. Please use the online process wherever possible.

Question 1

Grant sector – Culture, Communities and Business Services (CCBS)

Grant stream – Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme

Is your grant – Click £1000 or under

Your Organisation Name – insert athlete’s name


Charity Number – leave blank

Question 2

Applicant name –name of athlete

Applicant address and postcode

Website –please state athlete’s school/ college/ university/ place of work

Are you applying as part of a consortia – click “no”

Question 3

Click ‘other’ and write ‘talented athlete’ in the box provided

Question 4  

For athletes under 18:

If the athlete is under the age of 18 the parent or guardian should complete this section with their own contact details. Where it says

‘position’ – write either 'parent', 'carer' or 'guardian', as appropriate.

Please note, email will be the main method of communication if you are successfully awarded, so please provide an email address that is checked regularly.

For athletes aged 18 or over:

If the athlete is over 18 the athlete’s details should go here. Where it says ‘position’ write 'athlete'.

Please note, email will be the main method of communication if you are successfully awarded, so please provide an email address that is checked regularly.

Question 5

Click yes and then enter:

  • Name of the athlete’s sports club
  • Coach’s name, telephone number and email address. The coach may be contacted to verify performance levels.

Question 6

Describe athlete’s sporting aim/ambition – what are they hoping to achieve in the next 12 months.

Question 7

Enter athlete’s sport and discipline e.g. Athletics - javelin

Question 8a

Please provide information regarding the level the athlete competes at e.g. the names of any national or international squads they are part of or their individual ranking.

Question 8b

Please give your reasons for applying for a grant and, if successful, what you will use the funding for.

Question 8c  

Please report on national and international competitions results from the last 12 months. Where applicable please write the athlete’s placing in the competition last year (to give an indication of progress). Please use the following format:

Full name of championships. Date of championship. Position/result. Position/ result from last year.

Question 8d

Insert athlete’s date of birth - dd/mm/yy

Question 9

Is the project on going - Click yes

Leave the rest of the fields blank in question 9.

Question 10

Enter the area in which athlete lives i.e. where you as a household pay council tax.

Question 11

Free reserves held - Click “No”

Question 12

Please detail all the costs incurred competing at this level (suggested headings: specialist clothing, equipment, travel, club fees, training costs, coaching costs, competition entry, accommodation).

Question 13

Does not apply to this grant application.

Question 14

  • Total expenditure – should automatically be calculated from Q12

  • Total income – please state amount received via other funding including sponsors, National Governing Body support, World Class Programme funding, Sportsaid funding, Financial Assistance for Talented Young People in Sport fund etc.

  • Shortfall is automatically calculated.

  • Funding requested from Hampshire County Council – please enter how much funding you are requesting. Please note that funding is allocated depending on performance level.

14a) Please use the text box to detail the amount of funds you receive through other organisations e.g.

Sportsaid £1000

Sponsorship £450

NGB funding £500

Or write n/a.

14b) What would happen if your application was only partially awarded or unsuccessful?

14c) Have you applied to Hampshire County Council for a grant for this project or any other grant within the last year?

Questions 15 – 17

Does not apply to this grant application.

Questions 18 -19

Leave blank (not mandatory)

Question 20

Equalities – please include a short statement which reflects your beliefs - for example: ‘Whilst I am participating in my sport I will uphold the best traditions of my sport and treat everybody fairly and with respect.’

Supplementary question

Does not apply to this grant application.

Monitoring Information

This information will help us to plan and fund areas of work where there are significant gaps and needs. This personal information is not mandatory.

Supporting documentation to be submitted

Grants are awarded on the basis of performance level. All applications require evidence from the NGB e.g. The Rugby Football Union. Evidence can include:

  • National and international championship results from National Governing Body website
  • National and international rankings
  • Letters of invitation into national squads
  • Letters of support from the NGB

Please scan and attach these documents.

If you have links to results and rankings, please copy and paste the links into the ‘paper copies and previous documents’ box.

We would appreciate electronic document attachments. If, however, you only have a paper copy please write this in the documentation section and send a paper copy in to Harry Stow, Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme, Sport Hampshire & IOW, Castle Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8UL.


Tick the boxes if you agree to the terms and conditions stated.

Terms and Conditions

If you are successfully awarded HTAS support, you agree to:

  1. Complete an HTAS questionnaire and provide an electronic photo which will be used to create a profile of you that may be used on the Sport Hampshire & IOW website and your local authority website.
  2. In the event of winning a medal at a large championship or event, or where funding and support is discussed during a press engagement, you agree to reference support from Hampshire County Council and Sport Hampshire & IOW.
  3. To be available for a maximum of 4 public appearances if required. These may include: awards evenings, school based visits, community sports events etc.
  4. To provide information for interviews when requested for the promotion of the scheme and yourselves. This information will be requested by a member of the Sport Hampshire & IOW team only.
  5. Personal information to be shared with key service providers in administering support schemes such as the free access cards and physiotherapy care. Data may also be shared with local authorities to aid Sports Awards nominations.

All decisions and subsequent awards are at the discretion of the panel/Sports Development Officer (Performance).

If your application if successful you will be sent further details about support services.


Grant application form

Grant application form

The application form will open in a new window. There is a two hour time limit to complete or save your form. Additionally you can print or save your application immediately prior to submitting it.


Harry Stow
Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme
Sport Hampshire & IOW
Castle Avenue
SO23 8UL

Website: Sport Hampshire and IOW

Email: sporthampshireiow@hants.gov.uk