Hampshire County Council Grants

Children's Services Integrated Grant Programme- application notes

To apply electronically, you must have a valid email address.

Your grant request must be for over £1,000 or your application will not be considered

Please be advised that we have updated this guidance to support organisations in completing CSI grant applications.

Organisation details (Questions 1-6)

Question 1 Which department/grant programme you are applying for

Select the Children’s Services Integrated grant programme

Question 2a Contact details of your organisation

Provide contact details for the applying organisation. This needs to be the organisation that is responsible for administering and accounting for any grant awarded.

Your activity/project/service (Questions 7-10)

Question 8b Details of the project/activity/services and what the funding will pay for

Outline the known or perceived need for your project and detail what level and type of intervention the project provides. The Hampshire Children’s Trust Thresholds Chart  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 262kB outlines the levels of interventions required:

  • Tell us about your project/service
  • If it is a service/activity how long will each session be?
  • Who will deliver the project; paid qualified staff and/or volunteers?
  • Tell us about any other organisations you work with on this project, can you evidence collaborative/partnership working?
  • Tell us briefly what your funding will pay for if successful (i.e. administration costs, salaries, activities, transport, etc.).
  • If your project/service covers multiple districts, please tell us the percentage of beneficiaries from each geographical area e.g. if your project has 20 young people attending and 10 of them are from Winchester and 10 are from Eastleigh you would state 50% Winchester and 50% Eastleigh. If you are not sure about how to respond to this question please contact the team for guidance.

If you are uncertain what information to include in this section please contact the team for guidance.  

Question 8c Project outcomes and how Hampshire residents will benefit

Please tell us how your project will make a difference.

  • How will it help young people?
  • What does it aim to achieve?
  • How will you evidence this?

Question 8d How you involve service users in the development of your service/activity

  • Tell us how children and young people participate in the development of the service.
  • How will you evaluate your project and seek feedback from young people?

Question 9 Frequency of the activity

  • Is your project a one off activity i.e. an event or an on-going series of activities i.e. a weekly group?
  • How often will the activity be delivered?
  • How many beneficiaries are expected to attend each session?

Finance (Questions 11-15)

Question 11 Financial Reserves

“Unrestricted” and “undesignated” funds means funding you have available that is not required to be used for specific purposes i.e. they are “free” from restriction. In your last set of audited accounts did your organisation have reserves?  If yes, please detail these here.

Question 12 Detail of costs

Please only tell us about costs for the project detailed in the application form. Do not include figures for the whole organisation’s budget.

Please note that if you are applying mid-year for funding in a second grant round, you will only be able to request 6 months costs. Please ensure that you only provide figures for the last two quarters of the year in this case.

Please include as a minimum the following headings in your budget profile:

  • Staff
  • Premises
  • Administration
  • Training
  • Other (please specify)

Question 13 Income for the project/activity

Please detail any estimated income that your project is expected to receive for the financial year you are applying for. This includes income from grants, subs, in kind support, funding from your organisation and any other monies you are likely to receive. Include here any other funding applications that you have applied for even if you don’t yet know the outcome of your application.

If it subsequently comes to light that you have applied for funding from another Hampshire County Council Department prior to this application and not declared it here, any future awards may be claimed back.

Question 14 Finance Summary

A summary of the project’s income and expenditure will be automatically calculated using your responses to questions 12 (project expenditure) and 13 (project income).

Question 15 Sources of funding that have not been able to support your project

Not applicable for CSI – You do not need to answer this question

General information (Questions 16- 20)

Question 16 Quality mark

You do not have to have a quality mark - this will not affect your application.

Question 20 Equalities

Please answer all three parts as best you can. We are not looking for comprehensive policies – just some bullet points, for example: thorough training; information sessions, staff guidebook etc. In addition to information about your policies and procedures please outline how the aims of your project will contribute towards a, b, and c.

Examples of things which may be relevant to include are:

  • We have an equality and diversity policy. We ensure our staff receive equalities and diversity training. We actively encourage and support all sectors of the community including those having protected characteristics to take part in this project.

  • We have an open and transparent recruitment and promotion policy.

  • The organisation’s culture fully embraces diversity.

  • Our constitution/ this project focuses on fostering good community relations across all sectors of society by...

  • This project will advance equality of opportunity for everyone by…

Documentation to be submitted

You only need to send the same document once over 12 month period. If you have sent us your documents in the last 12 months please tell us the grant reference number to which they were attached if possible.

We would appreciate electronic document attachments. If, however, you only have a paper copy please write this in the documentation section and send a paper copy in to the grants team.

For all applications

  • Child protection policy

Monitoring Information

This information will help us to plan and fund areas of work where there are significant gaps and needs. If you need to collect this information from your staff or service users then it is important that you give them a choice as to whether they choose to give this personal information.

Supplementary Questions

Please complete the breakdown of beneficiaries form available at the end of the on line form. We need to know the total number of users and beneficiaries of the project. Please only give numbers for people living in the County of Hampshire, excluding the Cities of Southampton and Portsmouth.

Please also estimate how many children/young people’s referrals your project could receive.

What happens next

Application assessment and recommendation

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Following the closing date, your application will be circulated amongst stakeholders and then assessed by a central scrutiny panel.

Following the Panel meetings, recommendations will be made to the Children’s Services Executive Lead Member for approval during January 2016 when a decision will be made. We will let you know the outcome of your application within one week of the decision date.


Grant application form

Grant application form

The application form will open in a new window. There is a two hour time limit to complete or save your form. Additionally you can print or save your application immediately prior to submitting it.


Children's Services Procurement Unit
3rd Floor Elizabeth II Court North
The Castle
Winchester SO23 8UG

Telephone 01962 846094 or 01962 845308

E-mail childrens.services.procurement.unit@hants.gov.uk

The unit can provide guidance on the suitability of projects, and support organisations to apply for a grant, however staff will be unable to comment on individual draft applications due to the volume received.