Hampshire County Council Grants

Transport Challenge Fund Grant

This fund is aimed at helping local communities to develop and implement their own transport solutions to local transport needs in order to improve the travel options which people have to access services.

When to apply

  • For grants of £5,000 or over, you can apply between 1 April and 31 December.
  • For all grants of £1,000 or under, your application must be received by 1 March.

Grant criteria and eligibility

Who can apply?

These grants are only available to Parish and Town Councils and community organisations within Hampshire. Community organisations must represent and provide a service to the wider community and not just be for a specific club or activity for example a residents' association.

Grants are normally for funding up to £1000

Who can't apply?

  • Individuals are not eligible
  • Organisations which operate outside Hampshire
  • Organisations that exist for a specific club or activity
  • Statutory organisations (excluding parish and town councils) such as schools, district councils, health etc
  • Commercial organisations that operate for profit.

What is funded?

The Transport Challenge Fund will provide parish and town councils or community organisations with small scale financial support to encourage take-up of the ‘Transport Self-help kit’ in identifying and responding to local unmet transport needs and by providing organisations with the means to set up and run a transport initiative and assess its viability without initially having to bear the full cost of this.

We will normally provide small-scale grants for applications which meet the following criteria:

  • Provides a new transport initiative for a time-limited period following an assessment of the transport needs of the community. This could involve:
    • Introducing a new transport service
    • Making modifications to existing services which improve travel opportunities for people
    • Implementing other transport-related initiatives that provide or promote local travel opportunities e.g. producing a community based transport information leaflet
  • Proactively respond to any gaps in existing service provision
  • Shows evidence of match funding of at least 25%, some or all of which could be ‘in kind’
  • Demonstrates how the new initiative will be maintained in the longer term if the pilot period is successful.

What isn’t funded?

  • Longer term operating costs of any service beyond the agreed pilot period
  • The costs of any transport services which are already in operation
  • Any transport initiatives already underway
  • Any transport initiatives which do not provide new journey opportunities
  • Any project/proposal that only benefits the members of a particular club or a very small section of the local community
  • Schemes where the passengers travel free (make no contribution to the cost of their journey), unless free travel is part of Hampshire’s Concessionary Travel scheme
  • Any car-based schemes that pay volunteer drivers a higher rate than the recommended upper limit for mileage expenses based on the guidance issued by HM Revenue and Customs

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