Hampshire County Council Grants

Have Your Say grant - application notes

To apply electronically, you must have a valid email address.

Department (Question 1)

Under “Department” please select “Policy and Resources Grants” and under grant programme please select “Have Your Say”.

Organisation details (Questions 2-6)

Organisational name – please state the name of the organisation who will have responsibility for managing/accounting for the grant and running the Have Your Say scheme(s).

Your project/activity (Questions 7-10)

Question 8a Summary of your project

For example: To run a participatory budget event in (specify area).

Question 8b Details of your project

Please tell us about your proposed Have Your Say scheme(s) including details of how your scheme will operate demonstrating how your proposals meet the scheme criteria. Please show if you are working in Partnership with other organisations and  list them together with their role in the scheme. You should also include comments from your local County Councillor and indicate whether they support this application.

Question 8c Project outcomes

Please tell us the size of the area which the proposed Have Your Say area covers. Please confirm that you will monitor the outcome of the projects and provide a report to Hampshire County Council.

Question 8d How you involve service users in the development of your service

If this is not relevant, please write “Not applicable”.

Question 9 Project dates and frequency

Please make sure you include details of venue of any event or scheme area and date. If you do not know exact date please show month – e.g. from 01/08/2012 to 31/08/2012. If you wish to include further details about dates and venue this should go in question 8b.

Finance (Questions 11-15)

Question 12 Cost details

Show any costs connected with the scheme in kind/partnership. You also need to show the total funds which will be available for public determination. For example if the Parish is providing a venue free of charge please include the normal cost here. For example:

Amount for project distribution £2,500

Parish Hall Hire £50

Refreshments £20

Printing for leaflets £20

Question 13 Income

This is not applicable for grant applications under £1,000.

For all other groups please show income including in kind contributions such as Parish Hall hire. Please also include details of any other income which you and any partners are contributing to the overall scheme.

Question 14a Project finance summary

Please complete the table in relation to the Have Your Say scheme.

Question 15 Sources of funding that have not been able to support your project

This does not apply to grants of £1,000 and under.

General Information (Questions 16-20)

Question 16 Quality mark and question 17 How did you hear about the funding

These do not apply to grants of £1,000 and under.

Question 18 Documentation

We do not expect all organisation to necessarily have all the listed documents. Please tick the ones which your organisation has.

Question 20 Equalities

Please answer all three parts as best you can. We are not looking for comprehensive policies – just some bullet points, for example: thorough training; information sessions, staff guidebook etc. In addition to information about your policies and procedures please outline how the aims of your project will contribute towards a, b, and c.

Examples of things which may be relevant to include are:

  • We have an equality and diversity policy. We ensure our staff receive equalities and diversity training. We actively encourage and support all sectors of the community including those having protected characteristics to take part in this project.

  • We have an open and transparent recruitment and promotion policy.

  • The organisation’s culture fully embraces diversity.

  • Our constitution/ this project focuses on fostering good community relations across all sectors of society by...

  • This project will advance equality of opportunity for everyone by…

Documentation to be submitted

You do not need to send in any documentation.

Monitoring Information

This information will help us to plan and fund areas of work where there are significant gaps and needs. If you need to collect this information from your staff or service users then it is important that you give them a choice as to whether they choose to give this personal information.

Please return paper application forms directly to your local County Councillor at their home address, or send to your local County Councillor at Hampshire County Council, Chief Executives Department, The Castle, Winchester, SO23 8UJ.


Grant application form

Grant application form

The application form will open in a new window. There is a two hour time limit to complete or save your form. Additionally you can print or save your application immediately prior to submitting it.


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