Hampshire County Council Grants

Public Health District and Wellbeing grants

Grant Criteria

Only Health and Wellbeing District Forums may apply to this grant stream

The criteria summarised below should be considered and demonstrated in all grant applications.

  • Delivers on one or more of the Hampshire Health & Wellbeing themed priorities and be relevant to District Health & Wellbeing Plans (or equivalent) for local delivery
  • Focus on prevention and health improvement evidenced from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and as described in the Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy
  • Demonstrate how they will contribute to reducing inequalities in health
  • Evidence based short term interventions that are measurable and deliverable in the limited timeframe (all projects to have been started by October 2014)
  • Demonstrate sustainability and/or an exit strategy
  • Funding is directly to deliver, or enable delivery and not for funding posts
  • The minimum grant is £1,000

You will need to submit your project plan outline which clearly shows the outcome measures.

Grant Process

The resource will deliver outcomes linked to the JHWS through proposed interventions to improve and protect health and reduce health inequalities.

A panel of district and borough Council health and wellbeing officer leads are overseeing this process which will be agreed by the Forum which will recommend bids.

Grant applications must be submitted between 2 January and 3 February 2014.

The Health and Social Care Act (2012)

The Health and Social Care Act (2012) gave upper tier and unitary local authorities a new duty as of April 2013 “to take steps to improve the health of the people in their area” as well as the public health functions and responsibilities for a range of services previously commissioned by NHS bodies. A ring fenced public health grant has been provided from the Department of Health national public health resource to give local authorities the funding needed to discharge their new, specified public health responsibilities and to employ the specialist staff required to achieve this.

The public health grant awarded to a Hampshire County Council was initially considered by Cabinet in March 2013 to consider the transferred contractual obligations for business continuity into the first year of its new responsibility. Further to this, Cabinet considered the remainder of the annual grant in July, including £500,000 for each of the years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 to ‘support for district delivery of health improvement work’. This resource has been made available for district and borough councils to bid against to deliver actions in the Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy through time limited project work.

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