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Great Hall and Round Table

Led sessions

We are currently developing a Chronology based workshop to align with the changes to the KS2 History curriculum. The website will be updated with a workshop synopsis as soon as the session is delivery ready.

Our ‘Lost Legends of King Arthur’ session begins with a short interactive historical introduction to the Great Hall and the history of Winchester Castle. The pupils are then introduced to 5 historical candidates who could have been the real King Arthur, the viability of the candidates are discussed encouraging group discussion and historical enquiry. The main activity asks the pupils to write their own lost legend of King Arthur. The pupils work in groups with a selection of key words and props to guide and inspire their writing. The pupils gather together at the end of the session to perform their lost legends to the group using props and costume.

Sessions will last around 2 hours approximately and involve activities which are tailored to suit the age and ability of the class. All the group work within the sessions requires staff and helpers to participate with their groups to maximise the learning experience.

The costing for our led sessions is £4.00 per child with each session suiting a class of 30 pupils. If you are bringing a larger group of more than 1 class we will divide the group and offer additional sessions.



Please contact us for details on 01962 846476 or email