Hamble Estuary Partnership

Hamble Estuary Partnership

Hamble Estuary Partnership was formed in 2003, but until 2006 was known as the River Hamble Estuary Management Plan Implementation Forum.

The River Hamble Harbour Authority administers the Partnership through a sub-role of the Environment and Development Manager, and meetings are chaired by Dr Anthony Gallagher of Southampton Solent University.

The Hamble Estuary Partnership meets twice a year to discuss issues affecting the River Hamble and to monitor and facilitate progress of priority projects and issues of shared interest. See Work of the HEP for further details.

Between 2003-2008 the actions of the partnership were delivered through the Estuary Management Plan which was produced by the Partnership. This document still contains a lot of useful information which is being transferred and updated over time as the Partnership evolves from that led by a management plan to that of one delivering agreed services. A few copies of the 2003-2008 plan are available on request from harbour.office@hants.gov.uk

Other Partnerships

The Solent Forum is a larger partnership of stakeholders across the wider Solent Area and has a very useful website with lots of information relating to the Solent.

Coastal Partnership Network

The Coastal Partnership Network exists to encourage the exchange of information and debate between Coastal Partnership Officers on a regular basis, linking Partnership Officers to the wider field offering increased opportunities for learning and influence.

Each year the group holds the Annual Coastal Partnerships Forum where officers from coastal partnerships across the country, including the HEP, meet to share information and best practice.



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