Hamble Estuary Partnership

The work of the Hamble Estuary Partnership

Priority projects

Prior to 2008, the work of the HEP was guided by the actions of in the Estuary Management Plan (EMP), and many of these actions have been successfully delivered. In undertaking a review of the HEP and EMP in 2009, partners investigated those actions from the 2003-2008 EMP that were not progressed or only partially completed. Some of these have been superseded or deemed no longer relevant, but those that remain outstanding as well as a number of new project ideas will now be delivered or facilitated by the HEP.

The members of the HEP felt that it would be useful to have a document which identifies the different organisations who have a responsibility or interest in the River Hamble, this would help members know who to contact about a problem or issue. A 'Who Does What' table has been produced to meet this need.

The HEP has also produced a number of topic sheets which provide some general information and context for some of the ongoing issues on the River. It is hoped that these will provide answers where needed but can also direct the reader to where more information is available. Topic sheets have been produced for:

  • Availability of parking adjacent to public hards
  • Changes in recreational boating
  • Climate change
  • Coastal flooding
  • Number, availability and cost of mid-stream mooring
  • The rich archaeology of the River Hamble
  • The risk of a large scale pollution event in the River Hamble
  • Too much seaweed

The work of the HEP will now focus on the condition and ownership of the public slipways and hards in the river.



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