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The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Harbour Dues and moorings

All vessels moored or berthed afloat on the River Hamble are required to pay Harbour Dues annually from 1 January to 31 December. This also applies to dry-sailed, dry-stacked and trailer-launched vessels, except those which are zero-rated (see below). Daily and weekly rates are available for dry-stacked, dry-sailed and trailer launched vessels.

Please contact the Harbour Office to pay.

Charges are based on maximum length overall, rounded up to the nearest whole metre.

Dues for zero-rated vessels

  • Vessels up to 6 metres length overall £4 per day and £10 per week
  • Vessels over 6 metres LOA £6 per day and £15 per week.
  • Zero rated craft including
    • Sailing dinghies, of less than 6 metres LOA
    • All craft primarily intended to be powered by oars or paddles, including rowing boats, canoes and kayaks, unless also fitted with an engine of 10hp or more
    • Windsurfers
    • Craft wholly or primarily used in a safety role operated by sailing clubs and/or established marine protection and prevention agencies (eg the Police, Fire Service and RNLI.

A valid Harbour Dues disc must be displayed on the outside of all eligible vessels, either on the port side of the transom or the port quarter of the hull.

Separate rates apply for commercial vessels.


Current Harbour Dues

Size of vessel Annual charge
3 metres £48.48
4 metres £64.64
5 metres £80.80
6 metres £96.96
7 metres £113.12
8 metres £129.28
9 metres £145.44
10 metres £161.60
11 metres £177.76
12 metres £193.92
13 metres £210.08
14 metres £226.24
15 metres £242.40
16 metres £258.56
17 metres £274.72
18 metres £290.88
19 metres £307.04
20 metres £323.20