The River Hamble Harbour Authority

River Hamble leads the way in crime prevention

The start of the boating season will see all owners who pay harbour dues on the River Hamble issued with a SmartWater forensic marking kit.

This is the first time an entire harbour has embarked on a crime prevention scheme such as this. Around 4,000 boats will be given SmartWater kits from Easter onwards. The Harbour Authority has been working closely with the police, including their marine unit, and of course with SmartWater. The River Hamble is not a crime hot spot and we want to keep it that way by providing a major deterrent to potential theft and crime on the River .

SmartWater is a forensic liquid that can be painted on to almost any item of value, providing traceability back to its legitimate owner. Each tube of the robust liquid has a unique chemical formula which can be traced to its registered owner and is almost impossible to remove. It also contains hundreds of uniquely numbered microdots which feature a unique reference number, so police can identify the owner of any recovered stolen property and prosecute the thieves responsible.

SmartWater can be applied to anything from personal belongings to outboard motors, radar equipment, chart plotters and radios. Each system also comes with stickers to put in the windows of vessels to warn would-be-thieves that the valuables on board are protected.

Once boat owners have received their SmartWater kit and have painted the liquid on their belongings, they need to register it with the company by post. Registration details will be supplied with the kits