The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Oil Spill Response

The River Hamble Harbour is situated close to busy shipping lanes and two major oil terminals in Southampton Water. The risk of pollution from any of these sources is a very real one.

Oil Spill Contingency Plan

The River Hamble Harbour Authority’s Oil Spill Contingency Plan is specific to the harbour. It provides staff with guidance on how to deal with an oil spill incident within the harbour. The Plan was produced in consultation with a number of other authorities and is revised regularly. It is submitted to the Maritime & Coastguard Agency for inspection and approval every 5 years.

The Oil Spill Plan is a ‘Controlled Document’ under the government protective marking system, and is not, therefore, publicly available. Certain chapters may be made available to view at the Harbour Office by special request. Controlled copies are held by external authorities including the police, fire service, local authorities, Environment Agency and Maritime & Coastguard Agency.

To report an oil spill

  • Contact Hamble Harbour on 01489 576387 immediately

  • Call ‘Hamble Harbour Radio’ on VHF Channel 68

  • Call Solent Coastguard on 02392 552100 and the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.

Hamble Harbour Authority Response

River Hamble Harbour Authority staff are prepared and trained to respond quickly to an oil spill incident on the water. The Authority carries a small stock of oil spill equipment and also has a contract with oil spill response experts Adler & Allan to provide much more support and equipment in the case of a substantial spillage.

The Harbour Authority’s responsibility is for clean up operations on the water below the low water mark. Shoreline clean up is co-ordinated by the local authorities. It is the responsibility of the landowner and, where identifiable, the polluter. The River Hamble has many internationally important nature conservation sites and it is these which are afforded the greatest protection from an oil spill. They are far harder to clean than boats and man made structures, but every effort will be made to minimise pollution reaching all types of potential receptors.

Oil spill boom