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The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Harbour Works

Any works within the River Hamble on its bed, banks or to structures below the mean high water mark require the permission of the Harbour Authority. The River Hamble Harbour Board may grant conditional consent permitting Harbour Works according to Section 10 of the Southampton Harbour Act 1924 and Section 48 of the Southampton Harbour Act 1949, as amended by the River Hamble Harbour Revision orders 1969 and 1989.

When determining a Harbour Works Consent the Harbour Authority takes account of the impact of the proposal on navigational safety and on certain elements of the environment.

Harbour Works Consent Categories

Full Harbour Works Consent

Examples include applications for new structures, extensions to existing structures and capital dredging. The consent is determined by the Board and can take around 3 or 4 months to obtain (see application deadlines below)

Minor/Maintenance Works Consent

Examples include like-for-like replacement of piles, minor repairs to a structure, maintenance dredging, and installation of a single private pontoon on a midstream mooring. For further advice on private pontoon applications please download Private Pontoon Consents Guidance  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 48kB. Minor/maintenance proposals do not need to go through the full application process but instead can be decided by the Harbour Master under his delegated powers. A decision can be made in one to six weeks, and costs less than a full HWC. Discuss your proposal with the Harbour Master or Environment and Development Manager for advice on whether it falls into this category.

How to Apply

  • Talk to the Harbour Master/Harbour Authority. RHHA only determines plans ‘as submitted’ so we strongly advise you discuss your proposals in advance of making an application. You are welcome to attend a Consents Advice Panel Meeting. For single private pontoons see Private Pontoon Consents Guidance  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 48kB and Single Mid-stream pontoon application form Microsoft Word 54kB.
  • Submit the following information before the deadline in case minor changes are needed:
    • The correct application form and appropriate fee.
    • Plans (e.g. location plan, ‘existing’ and ‘proposed’ design as plan view and elevation). Supply these electronically as pdf files.  For full HWC applications we also require 1 set of hardcopies at original scale.  Plans must also show surrounding structures and neighbouring moorings and marinas.
    • Project description. This should include location (postcode or grid reference), the nature of the project, details of area affected, volumes of any dredge, dimensions of structures, and any changes to the number of moorings.
    • Method statement and likely dates of work. Please also include a risk assessment and contractor details if known at this stage.
    • Supporting information – this varies but may include information regarding impacts relating to navigational safety and the environment (e.g. impacts on natural habitats or species, or changes to current/flow patterns) and associated mitigation measures.

Application timescales for Full Harbour Works Consent

Deadline for receipt of full HWC application*

Management Committee meeting

Harbour Board meeting & decision

30 September 2016

9 Dec 2016

13 Jan 2017

5 January 2017

10 March 2017

tbc April 2017

Early April 2017

tbc June 2017

tbc July 2017

* You are strongly advised to submit before this date to ensure documents can be checked and validated prior to the deadline.

How a Full HWC application is determined (not applicable to minor/maintenance consents)

  • The application documents submitted are posted on RHHA’s website for public viewing.
  • RHHA formally consults Natural England.
  • RHHA notifies interested parties that an application has been received and sets a deadline for comments.
  • RHHA Officers assess the application and any comments received.
  • RHHA Officers prepare a Harbour Works Consent report.
  • HWC report and application documents go before the Management Committee (MC) which makes its recommendation to the Harbour Board.  (The applicant/agent may address the MC and/or the HB meeting in person).
  • HWC report, application documents and the Management Committee’s recommendation go before the Harbour Board which then approves or refuses the consent.
  • The Harbour Authority writes formally to the applicant informing his of the decision and of any conditions imposed.

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Development fees

  • Up to and including 100m2 – £400
  • Over 100m2 to 500m2 – £451
  • Over 500m2 to 2,500m2 – £605
  • Over 2,500m2 to 10,000m2 – £1,117.50
  • Over 10,000m2 – £1,630
  • A reduced fee for applications that fall within the Harbour Master's delegated powers e.g. maintenance work to structures, single private pontoons – £153.50
  • Pre-application consultation fee - attendance at the Consents Advice Panel meeting and one hour of pre-application consultation will be at no charge – £49 an hour thereafter

All fees plus VAT