The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Harbour Works

The River Hamble Harbour Board may grant conditional consent permitting Harbour Works according to Section 10 of the Southampton Harbour Act 1924 and Section 48 of the Southampton Harbour Act 1949, as amended by the River Hamble Harbour Revision orders 1969 and 1989. When granting Harbour Works Consent we take account of navigational safety and environmental impact.

Navigational safety

The Harbour Safety Management System and the associated risk assessments form the base documents that cover navigational safety. A full consultation with river users is undertaken by the Authority before amending any relevant risk assessment.

Designated sites and the Harbour Authority’s responsibilities

The River Hamble Harbour Authority is a Relevant Authority and a Competent Authority under The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c) Regulations 1994.

The River Hamble is part of the Solent European Marine Sites and is afforded protection due to its international nature conservation value.

The majority of the Hamble Estuary falls within the Solent Special Protection Area and Ramsar Site. The tidal areas of the River form part of the Solent Maritime Special Area of Conservation.

Application timescales

Deadline for receipt of full HWC application* Management Committee meeting Harbour Board meeting & decision
Expired 14 March 2014 4 April 2014
17 April 2014 27 June 2014 18 July 2014
26 June 2014 5 September 2014 10 October
2 October 2014 12 December 2014 16 January 2015

* You are strongly advised to submit before this date to ensure submissions can be checked and validated prior to the deadline

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Development fees

  • Up to and including 100m2 – £394
  • Over 100m2 to 500m2 – £444.50
  • Over 500m2 to 2,500m2 – £596
  • Over 2,500m2 to 10,000m2 – £1,101
  • Over 10,000m2 – £1,606
  • A reduced fee for applications that fall within the Harbour Master's delegated powers e.g. maintenance work to structures, single private pontoons – £151.50
  • Pre-application consultation fee - attendance at the Consents Advice Panel meeting and one hour of pre-application consultation will be at no charge – £48 an hour thereafter

All fees plus VAT