The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Consents Advice Panel

A development in the marine environment requires a large number of different licenses and consents from a variety of organisations which can include the Harbour Authority, the Local Planning Authority, Environment Agency, Natural England, The Crown Estate and the Marine Management Organisation.

This can be a complex, confusing and time consuming process, however applicants wishing to propose a development on the River Hamble are in a fortunate position due to the existence of the Consents Advice Panel (CAP).

Potential applicants who have a proposal that is still at the pre-application stage are invited to attend the CAP to meet with the relevant consenting organisations for a discussion about their proposal. Each organisation will explain the type of consents that are required and offer case-specific advise such as any alterations to the proposal that may be required in order to obtain consent.

The advantage of this joined up approach is that a proposal gets on the radar of all the consenting organisations at a very early stage while it is still possible to make alterations that may otherwise lead to consents being refused further down the line.

Once the proposal moves to the application stage, the consenting bodies are able to process it with a full understanding of the scheme and awareness of which other organisations are involved thereby greatly improving communications.

The CAP, organised by the River Hamble Harbour Authority, meets on demand, usually once or twice a year. If you have a proposal you would like to discuss with the CAP please contact the Environment & Development Manager at the Harbour Office.

Further information on marine consents can be found in a very useful Coastal Consents Guide produced by the Solent Forum.

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