The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Safety Management System Consultation

A harbour Safety Management System (SMS) is only effective if the harbour authority takes active measures to involve and secure the commitment of all concerned. Harbour authorities should consult as appropriate among those likely to be involved in or affected by the safety management system adopted by the authority. (Port Marine Safety Code)

The River Hamble Harbour Authority is committed to the Port Marine Safety Code and a full consultative process with all River users. To achieve that aim the following procedures have been adopted by the Authority:

  1. A full and all encompassing risk assessment was completed to identify risks to safe navigation. The project was completed by an outside agency in 2000.
  2. Every three years a full consultative process is undertaken by the Harbour Authority: the next one will be due in 2015.
  3. The SMS undergoes a full independent audit every six months with findings reported to the Harbour Board and the Department of Transport.
  4. Any amendments or alterations to the risk assessments associated with the SMS undergo a consultative process. This process is lead through the River Hamble Harbour Management Committee where representatives of River Users are able to table their ideas or concerns. Other interested parties are entitled to make verbal or written deputations to the committee.
  5. To assist the process, the Harbour Authority posts notification of pending Harbour Works Consent applications on the Harbour Authority website and by sending a notification to those who have had their emails included on a distribution list. Entry onto the list is open to any River user by sending a request to
  6. The Harbour Master welcomes personal visits to the harbour office to discus navigational safety matters.

If a personal visit is not possible, use the Incident and SMS Report form to inform the Harbour Authority of any concerns or ideas River Users may have.