The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Notice to River Users 30 of 2012

Hamble ‘Wild Water’ Canoe Race – 17 November 2012

  1. Notice is hereby given that a ‘Wild Water’ canoe race will be held in the River Hamble on Saturday 17 November 2012 during the period 1230 to 1400.  

  2. Racing will start near Lands End (opposite the Swanwick public slipway) and finish at the RAF Yacht Club in Hamble.  The course will follow the western shore of the River, passing the entrances to Mercury Yacht Harbour and Port Hamble Marina, and will remain clear of the main channel wherever possible.

  3. It is anticipated that as many as 40 canoes will take part, starting at 30 second intervals from 1300.

  4. River users are requested to give the canoeists a wide berth if possible, and keep wash to a minimum when passing the canoes.

  5. Cancel this Notice to River Users on 18 November 2012