The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Notice to River Users 19 of 2012

Royal Southern Yacht Club – revised dates for installation of temporary link pontoon

1. This Notice amends Notice to River Users No 18 of 2012

2. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the installation dates of the temporary link pontoon connecting the Royal Southern Yacht Club landing jetty to mooring pontoons C20 – C25, closing the access channel, have been modified as follows (changes are in bold type):InstallationRemovalDuration

Installation Removal Duration
22 June 24 June 3 days
26 June 30 June 5 days
6 July 8 July 3 days
25 July 28 July 4 days
7 September 9 September 3 days

3.Cancel this Notice on 10 September 2012

David M Evans
Marine Director and Harbour Master
River Hamble Harbour Office, Shore Road, Warsash SO31 9FR

22 June 2012