The River Hamble Harbour Authority

Safety Afloat

The Master, Skipper or person in charge of a vessel, regardless of type or size, remains responsible for its safety.

All vessels using the River must comply with the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS), Byelaws and Harbour Master’s Directions. It is the responsibility of all those who go afloat to familiarise themselves with these laws.

There may be times when it is not safe to participate in a particular activity. Before taking to the water those in charge of vessels, adults responsible for children and those organising events and races need to carefully consider the prevailing weather, tidal and traffic conditions.

The location chosen to launch a boat from a trailer needs particular consideration especially if the launch area is close to a main channel at a busy time and/or there are adverse weather or tidal conditions. Likewise the timing and location of race start needs careful planning by the Clubs involved.

Take sensible precautions !

Always wear a lifejacket or a buoyancy aid !

When using a tender in the Harbour always follow the 6 point safety code

  • Always wear lifejackets in the tender
  • Do not overload, watch the freeboard
  • Carry a torch, be seen
  • Do not use in poor weather conditions
  • Use an engine but always carry oars
  • Carry a bailer on board