Building Control

What is building control?

The main function of building control is to ensure that building works comply with the Building Regulations.  The Building Regulations are detailed technical standards set by the government and all but the most minor building work carried out must conform to these standards. This is necessary to protect the health and safety of people in and around buildings and to make sure that energy conservation and disabled access requirements are met.

The origins of building control date back as far as 1666 when the great fire of London raged through the city causing widespread devastation.  Literally out of the ashes of that catastrophe, Parliament passed an Act in 1667 for the rebuilding of London.  The Act set out to prevent a recurrence of the disaster and for the first time surveyors were appointed to ensure its requirements were complied with.

Today, around 3000 building control officers are employed in local government throughout the UK.  They are found in district and unitary councils but not in county councils.  

A message from Chris Elliott - Head of Planning & Transportation for New Forest District Council

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Building Control