Adult and Community Learning
Delivered by Hampshire Futures

Hampshire Learning's NCFE IIQ Programmes

These courses are accredited under NCFE's Investing in Quality Licence.

Course Title Programme Number & Level    
  Entry Level 1 Level 2
Arts Active IIQ 121    
Art Design & Craft IIQ 073 IQ 074  
Assertiveness Skills IIQ 064    
Being Active

IIQ 123    
Confidence Building IIQ110    
Confident Cookery IIQ 107 IIQ 028  
Developing Confidence   IIQ 139  
Empower     IIQ 062
Family Learning - Arts & Crafts   IIQ128  
Family Learning -Developing your Confidence as a Parent   IIQ131  
Family Learning - Family Budgeting   IIQ127  
Family Learning - Family Games   IIQ132  
Family Learning - Health and Safety   IIQ133  
Family Learning Healthy Eating   IIQ134  
Family Learning - Healthy Living   IIQ135  
Family Learning - How Green is Your Family?   IIQ137  
Family Learning - Learning Through Play   IIQ136  
Family Learning - Understanding Behaviour 0 -5 years   IIQ129  
Family Learning - Understanding Behaviour 5-12 years   IIQ130  
Gardening   IIQ 112  
Getting Started With IT IIQ 023 IIQ 023a  
Introduction To French   IIQ 070  
Introduction to Italian   IIQ 102  
Introduction To Spanish   IIQ 066  
IT for Work programme - level 1   IIQ140  
Job Search   IIQ117  
Managing Life Changes     IIQ 105
Parents into Employment   IIQ 138  
Personal Development IIQ 115    
Playing Your Part     IIQ 118
Preparation For Volunteering IIQ 13 IIQ 14  
Professional Effectiveness     Level 3 IIQ 033
Sustainability   IIQ113  
Taking Part IIQ 124  
Volunteering     IIQ 108
Working in the Voluntary Sector (Level 2)     IIQ 116
Work Preparation IIQ 114