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'Take Part' Gallery

The 'Take Part' Gallery is the space to show and share your creative achievements and artistic successes. We can feature the work of individuals or learning groups in any subject area.

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The film shows eight versions of the same mountain scene painted by learners attending the painting and drawing class at Bridgemary Community School, Gosport. All the paintings are watercolours and have been created using a palette of purples, lilacs and heathery pinks. Starting with soft washes for the background and finishing with detail; yachts, birds, rushes and a gnarled tree in the foreground.

The tutor is Sheila Dodds.


Creative corsages from Monthly Makes at the Ashcroft Art Centre

Appliqué bag
Appliqué bag from Westy Sew 'n Sews at the West End Arts Centre


For more information or to showcase your learners' work contact Fiona Mackie at Hampshire Learning.