Adult and Community Learning
Delivered by Hampshire Futures

Provider Funding

Hampshire County Council’s, Children’s Services dept. through Hampshire Futures allocates Adult and Community Learning funding from the Skills Funding Agency on an annual basis. Funding is apportioned to approved providers for each academic year, 1st August to 31st July, to support adult and community learning activities.

Funding 2015 - 2017

We currently operate a Framework Agreement with a range of non-Hampshire County Council providers and Service Level Agreements with a number of Hampshire County Council providers. The Adult and Community Learning (ACL) Plan Strategic Commissioning Plan for ACL 2016 - 2017 Microsoft Word 260kB outlines the requirements and approach of Hampshire County Council to achieve its strategic and organisational objectives and targets for 2015–2017. It details the type and extent of ACL activities that Hampshire County Council, in conjunction with its key partners, is seeking to secure for 2015-2017. The purpose of this document (Version 2, May 2016) is to describe the Council’s plans and proposals relating to ACL for the 2016/17 programme.

Hampshire Futures will provide successful targeted and universal learning opportunities in 2016-17 funding year, with the following outcomes:

  • Hampshire Thrives
    learners to take part in targeted programmes to support family learning, English and maths skills, digital inclusion, community cohesion, health and wellbeing.

  • Hampshire Works
    learners to take part in targeted programmes to support adult learners (19+) in receipt of JSA and ESA to access employment, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, including English and maths skills.

  • Hampshire Learns
    learners to take part in non-targeted universal ACL programmes, including leisure learning, funded through a ‘Pound Plus’ policy.

The total expected outcomes in terms of learner numbers for the ACL Service are as follows:

Adult and Community Learning




Targeted adult learning

Hampshire Thrives


Hampshire Works


Universal adult learning

Hampshire Learns


Total Learners


There will be a dual approach to funding:

  • Existing non-Hampshire County Council providers can seek to apply for funding as part of the current Framework Agreement.

  • Existing Hampshire County Council providers (such as schools, libraries) can seek to apply for funding to continue with their Service Level Agreement arrangements.

To explain and outline the approach and timescales, a Funding and Commissioning Briefing Session was held on Wednesday 18 May 2016. View the document.

For further information about funding for adult and community learning provision in Hampshire, please contact:

Rob Nash
Development Manager, (Procurement and Commissioning)

Paul Whitehead
Planning and Performance Officer, Hampshire Learning