Adult and Community Learning
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Success Stories

Adult learning really can change lives and we are delighted to share some inspiring news about our learners’ achievements. Behind every learner success story there are those who make it all happen – tutors, support staff and managers and you can read about innovative and dedicated teaching and management here too.

Literacy success

English Beginnings

Our learner is a shy Portuguese lady in her late fifties and is originally from Cape Verde a breath-taking archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa. She didn't go to school and is illiterate in her own language. She came to the UK nearly 10 years ago with no English skills at all. She started as a complete beginner in my classes (I was then an English tutor at Andover College) and committed with enthusiasm to all her lessons week after week, years after years, without giving up the hope that she could learn to read and write one day in a new language. 10 years later; success. She now can communicate, read and write in English. She can interact within the British society to share her values of hard-work and commitment with others in the community. In class, she never hesitates to help any new learners who enrol with no English at all, as indeed, she knows the burden of not speaking or understanding English. She has been offered various jobs as a caretaker in schools and offices and she is absolutely proud of her achievement in the UK as well as her contribution to society.

Job Support

Our learner is a young mother in her early thirties. She started her English course last September and was assessed at Entry 3 (intermediate level) but is still vulnerable with her use of spoken English and her understanding of English speakers. She was very shy and told me that this might be a problem in her search of a job that she longed to do: work with the NHS as a care-assistant. She worked hard in the last few months in class in order to improve her spoken English and to develop her understanding skills. Last week, she announced to me that she had gone for an interview the week before and successfully passed all her interviews including some writing assessments at Winchester Hospital which is a great achievement for her. A dream has become true for her: to work with the NHS.

Interview Preparation

Our learner, a young mother in her late twenties, enrolled to one of my ESOL class last year in order to improve her spoken, listening, reading and writing skills. She experienced a huge problem as her visa was running out and she faced deportation which implied that she would have been separated from her daughters and husband and forced back to Pakistan. To avoid this, she had to take an interview with the Home Office and be successful in order to gain the right to renew her visa and to remain in the UK. Between the time she had actually enrolled onto my course and the time that she had to take her actual test, they were only a few months left before the deadline and worryingly, time was running out for her. She was devastated. However, she didn't give up and persevered into coming to classes and improving her spoken skills. Thanks to the support of Kath Calcraft and her team, a one-to-one teaching with a volunteer was set by the Longmeadow Centre for her to benefit from extra support. By the time the deadline had come for her to imperatively pass her interview with the Home Office, she went to her appointment, in London, passed the interview and confidently secured her rights to remain in the UK. In the long term, she is planning to take on more courses in the UK to be able to work one day with children in schools.