Hampshire Commemorates

My signature on the form

Now part of the English army

Oh how nervous I was when I wrote it down

I knew I could lose everything I loved

Just like all the others that have given there life for there country

Killed as fast as the bullet that had shot them

Felling nothing but pain for a second

Then seeing a white light and then,


I was on my way now, close to that white light

I had no training at all

Nothing that I knew about fighting

But there was one thing I did know

And it was that I had a chance of death

I thought i was as nervous as I could be

But it was not over yet.

I was in the trenches now

preparing to run over the ladder in to No mans land

I was expecting to die just like all the others that had,

And now it was my turn

I Climed up the ladder and ran,

Ran for my life firing bullets killing Frits,

And then there was a cheere of happiness

I had killed of all the Germans

And we had covered the whole of no mans land,

Although we had got to the end we knew it was't the end

The enemy would come back and fight for there life

And my turn would come again

And my life might end too.

Dudley Beaugeard