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Health Declaration

Hampshire County Council is an equal opportunity employer and looks to remove potential barriers that may exist to people applying or working here.

In support of this, we ask all preferred candidates following interview to complete a Health Declaration Form and/or Medical Questionnaire (the form used depends on the risks of the particular role for which they have applied) which asks some specific questions that will assist us in making any reasonable adjustments in order to enable the preferred candidate to carry out the particular role.  The information we ask for will include areas such as:

  • whether you are disabled under the Equality Act 2010 definition

  • whether you feel you may need any reasonable adjustments to assist you during the interview process

  • information about your sickness absence record

  • some general questions (with Yes / No answers) around whether you have / had any medical conditions that have been caused or made worse by work

This information is asked in order to help us ensure that we provide you with as much support as possible.

The information on the Health Declaration Form and/or Medical Questionnaire will also be used to assess your medical suitability for the post that you have applied for, and to identify whether there is a possibility that any medical condition(s) could be aggravated by the role to which you are applying.