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Post Employment Medical Questionnaire

Not everyone is asked to fill in a Post Employment Medical Questionnaire and there are three main situations where you would be sent one:

  • some of the roles at Hampshire County Council involve working with children or vulnerable groups, or physical work (i.e. lifting, manual handling) or involve working in potentially hazardous environments (i.e. working with water).

  • if there are questions that are raised as a result of the health declaration form completed (i.e. you are currently undergoing treatment for a medical condition)

  • where previous sickness absence levels exceed corporate thresholds, which would trigger the completion of a Post Employment Medical Questionnaire

In all of these instances we would ask you to complete a Post Employment Medical Questionnaire that is returned to us in a sealed envelope and passed directly onto our Occupational Health Unit (OHU) where it is reviewed confidentially by trained medical professionals.

Once OHU have received the form then they will follow a number of routes:

  • once reviewing the information you have provided they assess no further action and the employment offer can be pursued

  • they may need to contact you to just clarify some points in the information

  • they may ask to see your full medical records or for you to come in for a medical assessment.

The purpose of this process is to ensure that we do not employ someone who, even after reasonable adjustments may have been made,  is not physically capable of delivering the duties of the role, and therefore potentially putting people in the community or people using the services provided by the County Council at risk, or in a role which will cause or aggravate an individual's previous or existing medical condition.

Conditional offers of employment may also be withdrawn where declared levels of sickness absence (in the previous 12 month period) exceed corporate thresholds, and appropriate consideration has been given to the reasons/circumstances surrounding the sickness absence.