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Sounding Board: calling new members

Older gentleman

We, and our partners Community Action Hampshire, would love to hear from people who currently use Adult Services, or who care for someone who does, to join our new ‘Sounding Board’. This is your opportunity to express your views in confidence, and shape the future of adult social care in Hampshire.

The Sounding Board is a ‘virtual panel’ set up to hear the views of people with experience of using Adult Services, including: older people, disabled people, carers, people with learning difficulties, those with experience of mental health problems, living with Autism or Asperger’s, living with Dementia, or with experience of sensory loss, as well as people who have accessed substance misuse services.

Sounding Board members will be sent regular surveys about key issues affecting adult social care services, such as how best to locally implement aspects of the Government’s Care Act. This means that the views of service users from all walks of life can be taken into consideration before plans are developed.

For more information contact Community Action Hampshire on 01962 857350 or send an email to